JT in the NT

July is miserably cold in Sydney. The actual temperatures are nothing compared to English winters, but the houses are not built to keep warmth in so it feels cold inside, which can really suck at times! Therefore I have resolved to go north and get warm whenever the July holidays come around. I still make […]


Mum in Sydney

Mum has always loved Sydney, after living there for a year and a half in the seventies. The funny and nicest part about her visit was how natural it was for her to be there. We had talked on the phone a lot since I moved, so our conversations just continued and it didn’t feel […]

Time for some Seoul

Heading back to Australia for real life, rather than backpacking, I chose to fly Korean Air. Lovely airline, with the benefit of have a stopover in Seoul. So I decided to spend a few days there and have a little look around. I was really glad I did. The snow on the ground made everything […]