Up the east coast (again)

After a fun Christmas and New Year with ex pats, all together on the beach complete with decorated “sandmen”, I took my next visitor to see the highlights up the east coast. We started at Hervey Bay, where unfortunately a cyclone had just passed by so Fraser Island was closed to self drive visitors (what […]


Top down

I am in the north of Queensland now.  After my detour I flew up to Cairns to save some time.  Went from there out to the tablelands and spent a couple of active days bike riding and hiking in the rainforests and canoeing in the lake.  I was really fortunate to have been on a […]


I made it up to Hervey Bay, where the whale festival itself was a bit of a non event, but went on a sailing trip and saw loads of giant humpbacks-it was an awesome sight! Then my plans changed somewhat and i headed back down to Byron to meet a guy! He had travelled all […]