Another winter is upon us, most of my time indoors is spent trying to keep any warmth inside. Cocooning myself in blankets, sitting right next to a heater/fire, or just going for a jog outside where the temperature is very similar (perhaps even warmer!).
I usually plan an escape up north this time of year, but there is one highlight I enjoy being in Sydney for. The Vivid light festival.
I apologise now for the quality of the pictures, but thought it was best to include them to give you all a glimpse of what I’m describing. It all looked better live though I’m afraid!
Highlights are always the opera house and customs house, and this year they don’t disappoint. The customs house has a ‘jukebox’ style dance platform where you can choose your track and the house will change its theme and dance along with you! There’s a good mixture, a Bollywood themed vibrating colourful one that makes the building appear to pulsate; a graffiti painted one bouncing along to ska; one acts like a giant rubrik’s cube with sections of the building twisting out and around; another rocks from side to side. I stood and watched these for ages, and could quite happily go back and watch some more!
Customs house1
Customs house2
Customs house 3

The opera house has a selection of themes too. At one point the tiles are made into scales of snake print and morph into various animal prints. A whole range of arcade style games are projected, which seems like a strange concept but does work. The effect varies, at some points the opera house sails look very 2D and then it seems to move and flex again.
Opera house1
Opera house2

This year is the first time the bridge has been lit up, and that creates several great photo opportunities with the reflections in the water.

Sydney harbour is so spectacular in the sunshine, but this festival encourages everyone to come out and enjoy it in the cold too. I love how everyone seems to have embraced this and gets excited about seeing all the installations. I think, like many of the festivals and artistic events in Sydney, it could be extended and go on for longer!


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