Mardi Gras

I was part of the GLADD float, which I will also write about in more detail soon, but this is a good summary of the parade!


The annual flamboyant, colourful and festive celebrations of the Sydney Mardi Gras celebrated its 35th year last March 2, since its conception in 1978. From then on, it has become one of Sydney’s most vibrant festivals which cater not just to the GLBTI community but to the general public as well.

All year round, colourful costumes and unconventional tiaras and headdresses are seen. Participants dance with a repertoire of loud, festive music. Others chanted thematic mantra of equality and love.

The parade this year is no different to the previous years in terms of colourful costumes and flashy floats that paraded down Oxford Street in Sydney. However, this year, notable was the large group of participants from the Australian Airforce, Army and Navy. The organisation even included a police musical band on a float. Another prominent group this year is the delegation from the Macquarie…

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