Mum in Sydney

Mum has always loved Sydney, after living there for a year and a half in the seventies. The funny and nicest part about her visit was how natural it was for her to be there. We had talked on the phone a lot since I moved, so our conversations just continued and it didn’t feel at all strange that suddenly Mum was sharing and experiencing my life in Balmain for real.
We discovered a couple of spots that were new to us both during her visits, as well as some old favourites. Shark Island was a hit, situated in the middle of the harbour with 360 degree views of the harbour. We took a picnic and spent most of the time taking pictures, getting a bit competitive later about whose picture was best! Searching now, I can only find Mum’s picture on my computer (sabotage perhaps?!), but when I find them both I’ll let the readers here decide which is better 😉

After a recommendation from one of my tennis parents (at work) we checked out Parsley beach, near Vacluse. Maybe it was the rain and clouds on the day, but it didn’t really live up to the title of being Sydney’s best beach. We had fun trying to find our favourite though. Really split between the northern beaches and eastern suburbs. Mum has a soft spot for Bondi, because she lived there when she first arrived in Sydney. I feel the same about Manly.
Although I am cautious of recommending the bridge climb to tourists, because of the expense, I did really enjoy doing it with Mum. We both love the harbour view and Mum worked with that view from her office window. The tour is well organised and after the climb up the initial part, which is a bit nerve wracking because you can see through the grill to the water, it is an easy walk once you are on the bridge. We timed it well so that we were going up in the sunshine, saw the sun set over the opera house, and then came down in the dark with the view of all the city lights.
sunset on bridge

Bridge upBridge down

In addition to Mum getting to see my life in Balmain and where I spend my time, Mum was also able to introduce me to a few spots I wasn’t aware of. One being observatory hill, which has a great photo opportunity with the bridge being framed by a tree. On the other side of the hill, we could also see my flat!


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