Sydney in style

When another friend visited who only had a few days in Sydney, we had to select a few choice morsels to sample. Instead of Taronga Zoo, we went to the Wildlife World in darling harbour, as that houses all the specifically australian animals. We had the advantage of being able to enjoy harbour views from my apartment and pool anyway. We chose to enjoy the evenings in style! One evening we took a water taxi from our jetty (yes living in the fancy harbour side apartment had lots of perks) directly to the opera house to see “Tannhauser” by Wagner. Another evening we went up the centrepoint tower and ate at their revolving restaurant 360. The views were stunning and it was a great atmosphere, but unfortunately for my friend there was no vegetarian option-they did organise a mushroom risotto for him, but it wasn’t really worth the price. Go there for the special atmosphere and the novelty of seeing the city from above and revolving, but dont get too excited about the standard of the food. Although, my disclaimer is that maybe it’s changed now-let me know if it has.


4 thoughts on “Sydney in style

    • Hi Katie
      I’ve taken a few visitors there, it’s a nice introduction and summary of Australian animals. From stick insects to crocodiles! There’s a roof garden where you are walking around the wallabies and kangaroos, and there’s a nice peaceful butterfly garden. I like the fact it’s in darling harbour as well, with lots of other attractions. You can get double passes to that and the aquarium (I never get bored of looking for the platypus or wandering under the tank of sharks and rays). Definitely would put it on the list to visit.

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