School holidays

So, I haven’t been in touch for a while because it has actually been quite tough going-settling into a new country and new school, and I haven’t wanted to write negative stuff.

But now…the best part about teaching is the holidays!! And being in a private school now, we have got 3 weeks off! So I have headed up north for some sun (it is winter here and pretty chilly in Sydney). I went to Hervey Bay, and took a self driving trip on Fraser Island-the world’s biggest sand island. I was allowed to drive a big 4wd truck with 10 passengers on the beach and over the sand tracks! We survived, with only minor scratches on the vehicle and a broken indicator. The island was absolutely beautiful, we visited loads of stunning clear lakes, and area called champagne pools-where the waves crash over into a rock pool and make it fizz up like champagne, bringing little colourful fish from the ocean too, it was amazing. We camped on the sand, by the sea-and saw the moon and later the sun rise up from the horizon. And so many stars in the sky! Fortunately the group was a nice bunch, all pretty laid back and so we had a good few days on the island. A word of warning to anyone considering this though, your whole experience hinges on you being able to get on and compromise with those 10 people. It felt very different to the outback camping trip with 10 strangers, maybe because we had a guide back then, or maybe because it was for longer so we had to be more tolerant. We saw quite a lot of whales from the shore, and a few dingos came up to our camp at night, but I was hoping to see some sharks as there are supposedly a lot in that area-unfortunately they didn’t come up to us-despite the lads throwing the blood from our steaks into the water to attract them!

I am now back in Byron bay-my favourite place to escape to, sleeping in a teepee with a nice big camp fire at the arts factory. I have persuaded a nice young french guy to cook for me too, so I’m living the life of luxury! Tomorrow I am going to try and pass on my limited surfing knowledge to the french guy, and we will go and try and find some dolphins too. Lets hope the weather stays nice and sunny.


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