The bottom bus

So, felt I had to do a bungy jump while being in the birthplace of it.  Was absolutely terrified jumping off a 43m high bridge, and continued to be terrified the whole way through the experience, but was really pleased that i had done it! No rush to repeat it. Some others here have done the bungee 3 times higher from a cable car, but I don’t think I could take that. 
After just a couple of days in Queenstown, I needed a rest again and jumped on the “bottom bus” which goes around the Caitlins at the very bottom of NZ.  1st stop Dunedin, a scottish town, which had scottish rainy weather too!  Stayed in a really nice, cosy hostel where everyone was really friendly-we even had our own quiz night, and made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (which they don’t have here). Stayed there for a few days before heading to Curio Bay-a tiny village with a population of 11! We stopped at a beach and watched a sea lion roll around in the sand. We couldn’t get too close, as he weighed about 450kg and could outrun an Olympic sprinter apparently! We wanted to see the yellow eyed penguins, which nest in Curio Bay, but i think it was too cold and they had gone in earlier. It was absolutely freezing-I had to wear about 7 layers of clothes!! This is their summer, I dread to think what winter’s like.  Despite the cold, we were enjoying being isolated, so 4 other girls and I decided to take a trip to Stewart Island. We found a pilot with a 5 seater plane willing to take us the next day-how lucky was that? We then found a nice sounding “hostel” called “the view”. It was a house up a very steep hill-perhaps we should have realised that from the name-but the view was worth it. We chilled out there for a couple of days, avoiding the slightly mad and uptight landlady (who had left several passive-aggressive post its everywhere about her house rules) and grabbing any moments when the skies cleared to go walking. Took a little boat out to Ulva island, a sanctuary for rare birds, and made friends with a Weka, who followed us everywhere! The only truly native New Zealand animals are birds, which is why they haven’t evolved with many great defence mechanisms. Many flightless birds are now extinct and the kiwi bird is endangered.
Have just got back to civilisation today, to find out that the “bottom bus” is now full! After much pleading and foot stamping, we have managed to get them to pay for us to go on a different bus to continue our journey. To celebrate our victory we walked for miles to a pizza hut and took full advantage of their all you can eat buffet-now feel stuffed and ready for a little nap.


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