Itchy Feet Are Hereditary

Maybe nature, maybe nurture, but I definately think that the ideas and open mindednesses to travel and explore came from my adventurous parents.

Dad travelled over land from Australia back to England in the 70s in an old combi van with his first wife.

At around the same time (without knowing each other) my Mum travelled all around Australia, hitching a lift through the desert on a car transporter with her friend.

When we were growing up, to create a bit of excitement on a budget, Mum would take us on “explorations” and “adventures” that involved driving or walking in one direction, then randomly deciding which way to turn and just enjoying a picnic or just a run around where ever we ended up!

Holidays were always camping (occasionally youth hostels) and were pretty spontaneous, which we thought was great fun. It set us up early with a taste for exploration.


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