Living in Germany for a year as part of my Uni course was great for travelling. I got a temporary job three days a week and so could jump on a train and explore for the other 4 days!

I mainly stuck to places in Germany, so I could practise the language. But it got me thinking and planning little regular trips.

Highlights included Hamburg, Berlin and Freiburg.
I spent many weekends hanging out in Hamburg, the city is dominated by water, (the harbour, lakes, fountains) which has always had a calming effect on me. But there’s also a lively, upbeat scene too.
I was lucky enough to experience Berlin through different perspectives. My friend Nils grew up in the Western side and he was the first to show me around. Later I visited often with Christian, who had grown up on the eastern side, behind the wall. A very different world. It struck me in Berlin how much the Germans are mindful of their past and how others view them. In the middle of the glitzy shopping street there is a half bombed church “Ged√§chtnis Kirche” (directly translated as Memory Church) which has been left as a memorial to the destruction of war, a half destroyed railway station too. There are still large parts of the Wall left standing. As if the Germans are not allowed to forget and must be vigilant to avoid repeating their past.
Freiburg is just a gorgeous quaint little town, with the stunning background of the Black Forest. Another beautiful town, that has a special place in my heart is Munderkingen. It is a place I could visit any time and know that I would feel welcome, the people there are so warm and lovely. They have some great traditional festivals and rituals, that they take very seriously.

I’m sure I’ll come back and add to this post, I just felt like expanding on these highlights today. But there’s plenty more treasures in Germany!


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