Another winter is upon us, most of my time indoors is spent trying to keep any warmth inside. Cocooning myself in blankets, sitting right next to a heater/fire, or just going for a jog outside where the temperature is very similar (perhaps even warmer!). I usually plan an escape up north this time of year, […]


Bungle Bungles, Broome and Beyond!

I’m lucky that my Mum loves Australia and so likes to come and visit. And equally lucky that we get on so well and love travelling together! This time she came in July though, when it’s unpleasantly cold in Sydney. It’s not cold like a british winter, but the houses here aren’t designed to keep […]

JT in the NT the sequel, this time it’s serious!

I seriously love getting away into the heat at Winter. It’s one of my Australian resolutions that I will definately stick to. This time my friend Angela came with me and having both been there before seperately, we were confident that we could improvise. We started with a couple of days in Litchfield, sleeping in […]